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Vastushastra or ‘Vastu’, as it is popularly known today is the ancient vedic science of architecture. The word Vastu literally means a dwelling place and has originated from the Sanskrit word vaas meaning ‘to be’ or ‘to live’. It helps design a congenial setting or a place to live and work, in order to take advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness. It is a science of designing buildings in accordance with the laws of nature.
Scholars have traced the origin of vastu to the Vedic era, well over thousands of years ago. The learned men of those days dedicated their lives to the development of the science that is a unique integration of our culture, traditions, geographical and climatic conditions. Its application today is purely architectural and its principles are based on becoming one with nature.
Vastu is a part of Yajurveda, the sacred text of Hindus and is believed to be around four to five thousand years old. There are thirty-two books in Sanskrit language starting from Vishwakarama’s Vastu Shastra. Mayamata is another great book, which also is believed to be from Vedic times. In the modern times innumerable books have been published in various languages.
Vastu considers the interplay of the forces of nature involving the five elements - earth, water, wind, fire and space - and strives to maintain equilibrium as these elements influence, guide and change the lifestyles of not only human beings but every living being on earth. Thus they influence our deeds, luck, behaviour and other basics of life. Vastu is the science of arranging our man-made environment so that we are in alignment with these forces of nature. There is an invisible, constant relation between the five elements outside and those within an individual  and in his home/workplace.
Vastu is applied at micro as well as macro level, for every room, every house, every temple, every shop, industry, town planning, cities and even for earth. It is best to practice vastu from the initial stage i.e. when purchasing or renting an accommodation for office/residence, buying a plot of land and designing a home. One can also realign any existing structure in the event of unresolved problems at home or work in light of the vastu principles as it aims at removing obstructions so that energy may flow freely, creating harmony with nature.
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