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Agreement brings more fortune and good luck to Nepal.

Kathmandu: Saturday, 14 January 2012 . Nepal and China have signed eight agreements following talks between Chinese premier Wen Jiabao and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai Saturday afternoon. According to the Astrological prediction, This agreement will be stable and long lasting as the planetary position at the time of signing was very favourable to Nepal.

At the time of signing, Jupiter, the planet of blessing and fortune, was in First House, which brings more fortune and good luck to Nepal.
Exalted Venus, the planet of desire, in the Eleventh House is also blessing to the Nepalese government to fulfill their desire.
Mars, Signification of neighboring countries, in the Fifth House, makes other neighboring countries' more interested on the development of intimacy between Nepal and China.
However, Rahu, the planet of secret affairs, in the Eighth House, will create some trouble as the secret enemies of Nepal will be active against the agreement.