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2073 BS will be a lucky year for Nepal and Nepalese people

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Kathmandu: According to Lahiri Anyamsha calculation, the sun enters Aries in Kathmandu's sky at 7:31 pm on 13 April 2016, in which time Libra's Aquarius navamsha will be rising in the east horizon. Due to the Moon in the lucky place, 2073 BS will be a lucky year for Nepal and Nepalese people. Similarly, Budha-aditya yog in the center and Guru-chandaal in the beneficial place are positive signs.

Due to Budha-aditya yog, Nepal will be renowned in the world. Opponents will be divided among themselves and will weaken. However, Guru-chandaal in the beneficial place might cause disturbances in the religious sector. Also, new treaties will be signed with the western countries which will be profitable to Nepal.
No new dimensions are seen in the relation with the neighboring India. India's being in the Kalsarpa yog makes its relation with neighbors and its internal situation always tensed.
Another important thing to notice is that there is some unusual planetary position in the sky now occurring after 427 years which will stay till May. Nepal will have to go through crisis too. But after Mid-May (beginning of Ashad), we will start getting good results.