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Kathmandu. Gold price is rising day by day. In Nepal it is out of people's reach. There are more buyer than seller in market. Gold smith and all people are very supersized by increasing gold price. According to Financial Astrology it could go down soon.

Kathmandu:  Tomorrow is Sunday and noon is transiting from UttaraFalguni Constellation. The combination of Sunday and UttaraFalgini produces Sarvartha Siddi Yoga.

Kathmandu:- Today Saturday 27 July 2019, On 19:43 hours Moon enters in to Rohini Nakshatra and According to Vedic Jyotish, Till tomorrow Sunrise it is Saturday.  Therefore From 19:43 hours to tomorrow morning Sunrise, There is Sarvartha Siddhi Yog.

Kathmandu: Nepal Stock Market (Nepse ) is falling down for long time and Stock investors are in great dilemma and pessimistic about market. But my calculation based on financial astrological rule by observing the positions of stars, planets, the Sun, and Moon shows Nepse could increase soon.

Kathmandu:- From Tomorrow Evening Moon will be transiting from, Dhanishtha (Last two parts), Shatbhisha, Purvabhadrapada, Utrabhadrapada and Revat are five Nakshatras, it is period of five days are known as a Panchak. Panchak means group of ‘Five’ (Panch).