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The Best Career for you Based on Your Star Sign

It has been said that astrology can determine a person’s disposition. If you put any faith in this, why not look to the stars to guide you on your career path? We’ve mapped out great career options for each sign below.

Those born under the Aries sign have remarkable energy and focus—because of these traits, they’d make great teachers. They have the patience needed to work with children, and encourage others and their ability to stay on track makes them wonderful at staying consistent when molding minds.
This star sign is among the most decisive. Taurus’ stick to what they believe and have remarkably clear thought processes. They can also be stubborn and because of all these qualities, they’d make wonderful lawyers
Geminis are all about duality. They have two distinct sides to their personalities and what better way to explore these other than by pursuing acting! This multifaceted sign would do wonderful things in the entertainment industry.
Cancers are known for their caring, nurturing nature. They’re the kind of people who should pursue altruistic careers in nursing. A Cancer’s ability to care for others makes them a natural fit for this sort of work.
This fire sign is known for being bold, confident and just a little bit bossy. They’d be wise to go into the business industry. The Leo’s natural leadership skills are perfect for such a competitive field.
Those born under the Virgo sign are logical, intellectual, no-nonsense type of people. They’re a natural fit for jobs as mathematicians. Virgos are balanced and intelligent enough to hold very fact-based jobs.
Libras love to please! They also love the finer things in life, and  would make excellent event planners. They have great eyes for aesthetic beauty and persuasive natures, making them ideal for roles that require a lot of face-to-face contact and attention to detail.
Scorpios exhibit incredible discipline and self-control. They’re the kind of people who could really do well in fields most people simply don’t have the stamina to handle. For example, Scorpios would make excellent doctors as they likely won’t be deterred by many years of studying and long hours.
Sagittarian’s love traveling and interacting with others. They have big dreams and bigger personalities. People born under this sign would be excellent salespeople. They have a knack for dealing with others and won’t be deterred by all the traveling required.
Capricorns are excellent team players who are known for making smart, logical decisions. They should consider careers in advertising—this collaborative field needs people who work well with others.
Aquarians are known for their honesty and loyalty, but they do tend to be emotionally detached. Because of this, they make great counselors and therapists. They’re great listeners and are practical enough that they don’t get too invested in other people’s problems, making them great for such positions.
This sign is the most creative and dreamy of all. Those born under this sign should become writers—they are imaginative, sensitive, and intuitive enough to create characters and new worlds. They have the sort of spirit that is needed in such a creative profession. (By Zara Husaini. India.com)

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ज्योतिषी परामर्स

कुनै पनि तान्त्रिक, साधु, सन्यासीले
तपाईँको भाग्य बदल्न सक्दैन।
तर ज्योतिषशास्त्रबाट भविष्यमा
हुने घटनाहरूको पूर्व अनुमान गरी
उपायहरू अपनाउन सकिन्छ ।
सम्पर्क:- डा.सुनील: NIC Asia
बैंकसंगै जोडीएको सेतो घर
मैतिदेवी काठमाडौं नेपाल
शुल्क रु ११०० - मात्र ।
मोबाईल : ९८५१०७२१८८ (बूकिङको लागि मात्र)
१३- १७ घण्टा भित्र संपर्क गर्नुहोला

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