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Ruby ( Red Cosmic Ray) 

Most suitable for subjects prone to diseases such as Aliments of the bloodstream. Anemia, Physical Debility and Lassitude, Colds ,Circulatory, Deficiencies, Moronic cases. 

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According Vastu Shastra agriculture is depended on the five basic elements of nature. If we follow use of Vastu Shastra in choosing agricultural land, for building a farm house or while sowing the seeds it leads to fantastic different in the agricultural production.

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Dress helps you to retain air of distinction in a party or gathering. You can eat to please yourself. But you have to please others by dress. You may be great orator.

If Sukra aspects Guru or Sani then the male native will definitely get married. If Kuja aspects Sukra or Sani then the female will definitely get married.

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According to Nepali Jyotish, if Any Evil Planet is in Lagna fall down from height in childhood. Again Rahu and sun fatal to father, with mars fatal to mother, Saturn & Venus fatal to uncle. Sun and Moon suffers from spouse.

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