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Kathmandu: Atharva Jyotish Sloka 65 deal with Muhurtas for travel.  According to Atharva Jyotish, Travel on pratipada Tithi is forbidden. 

Travel on Dwitiya Tithi gives success in work, on Tritiya good health and other beneficial results While on Chaturthi , may cause fear of death. 

Travel on Panchami may give an all round successes and victory. On shasthi hardly any gain, rather may cause losses. 

Travel on saptami may give generally auspicious results .on Ashtami ill-health or disease and on Navami it may mar the prospect of one’s return from such travels. 

Travel on dasami may give gain of lands and more power, on Ekadasi , auspicious result. Travel on Dwadasi may cause loss of wealth . 

Travel Trayodasi is suited for alliances and friendship while on Chaturdasi , it is forbidden as a rule. One may however, travel on this Tithi for Performance of Tantric deeds. 

Travel on Amavasya as a rule is forbidden . 

Travel on Poornima during day time day time is forbidden but at night, permitted.

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