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According to Nepalese Jyotish Shastra, Woman's conjugal happiness and husband's longevity are to be determined from the 8th place from the Ascendant,

about the children from the 9th house, about the husband and the appearance and beauty from the 7th house, about the association and chastity from an examination of the 4th house.

Benefices in these houses confer good results; malefic, excepting when they happen in these houses, are productive of evil.

If both the Ascendant and the Moon are in even signs, and are aspected by good planets, the woman will have good sons, have an excellent husband, ornaments, wealth and possess good in qualities. If on the other hand the Ascendant and the Moon are in odd signs and aspected by or occupied by malefic planets, she will be masculine in character, wicked and poor, have a crooked mind cannot be ruled by the husband.