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Sex Tradition in Tantra Vidya

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Kathmandu: There have been plenty of mentions about the topic of sex in our various religious books as well as in the idols carved in ancient temples. Also, there are various disputes of ideas existing about it. With the passage of time, rather than lessening these disputes, different delusions are added. For such delusions to be added, our social structure and milieu along with commercially opened sex clinics of these days and hereditary Tantric Vaidyas and Pundits are to be blamed.

Tantra Vigyan (Science) has been studying seriously on this subject from the beginning. Uddish Tantra, Dattrataya are some of the examples. Some commercial Tantrics haven't stopped adding their versions to them; however some essence of the truth still exists.
Sex is such a subject which is associated with the people from adolescence to elderly. At the preliminary stage of adolescence, due to the lack of information about this subject, even wet-dream is considered as a sex-problem causing guilt in the individual and fashioning different illusions. Likewise, several false impressions about masturbation are also usually found troubling the youths. This problem is even linked with the success and failure of married life. Now the individual fearing this failure goes to the sex-specialists for securing his future and in doing so allows them take benefit of his problems. It is certainly unfortunate that even in today's developed age, there are many delusions being spread instead of creating awareness regarding sex.
Various attempts to express sexual yearnings are considered Love. But at first, we need to observe love and yearning separately because sometimes there is love and there is no sexual yearning. But this state is rarely found. Likewise sometimes there is  lust and physical desire but absence of love. Now we need to understand that the union of physical yearning and friendship results in Compassionate Love. Some Tantrics have stated love as Sentiment of Attraction in which there is the feeling of submitting dreams, that is to say, love is the fulfillment of Self which later takes the form of submission, and it is associated with physical union and concludes in sexual union. 
Our ancient Sages (Rishi, Mahrishi) and Tantrics have provided an important space for the subject of Sex where Grihastha-ashram, i.e. family life, is regarded as the most prominent among the four ashrams or stages of life. Here, the major importance of Kama (Sexual desires) is presented among the four Purushartha or Manly deeds namely Dharma [good deeds], Artha [wealth], Kama (sexual desires) and Mokshya (redemption). The significance of Kama is the sexual satisfaction, in other words, the pleasure achieved by two individuals of different sexes which is called sexual intercourse.
There are different desires and demeanors in different individuals about sexual satisfaction; hence a specific rule can't be formulated regarding love or sex. Each person must know one-another's interests and habits in better way. Only then they can be successful in providing excessive satisfaction to one-another. The intercourse becomes pleasurable only when both the female and the male are committed to each other with body and soul.
Generally, women are less enthusiastic in the matter of sex than men.  Most of the women have less sexual desires compared to men. This is said to have resulted owing to social milieu and the men's perception towards women. Also, there are various social and family responsibilities in the couples' life which can also decrease attraction between them.  To add, the couples are also surrounded by many problems in today's hasty life. The matter of sex requires the presence of both body and soul, and the absence of one of these creates repulsion. Our social environment has been greatly influenced by the global changes of this era too. Due to the influence of western culture, our youths are also affected by ' love disease'. In order to attract one another, they are using beauty products, make ups and are keen towards body exposure.
There are several reasons behind the indifference towards sex. For example, lack of love in man, woman's character, family environment, perception about sex, physical status, failure in love etc affect the sexual satisfaction.
There is a way to solve them through Tantra. In Tantra, Vashikaran [hypnotism], Uchhatan, Vidweshan, Vajikaran-- all are for the happy life. The only need is to use it according to the rules after understanding it correctly. To conduct it at wrong time in wrong way at wrong place is harmful.
The union of Shiva and Shakti is always happening in the nature. It continues forever. Only the knowledge of both Shiva and Shakti brings success which is called Siddhi. Only then we can behold Shakti in Shiva and Shiva in Shakti. In Tantra path, the intercourse between female and male is the sexual union of Shakti and Shiva themselves which grants emancipation.