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Astrologer's Perspective on Earthquake

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 Kathmandu: Nepal witnessed a devastating earthquake on April 25. It caused a lots of physical and human damages. People complained that the Astrologers could not predict the earthquake earlier.

On May 12, another deadly earthquake hit Nepal. It also caused more collateral damages. But it was predicted. I have  predicted on April 28 the earthquake of May 12.

Most of the people think that earthquake cannot be predicted. But, Astrology is a vast science that can predict anything and everything. Astrology has all the aspects of predictions of natural calamities like flood and earthquake to financial and political issues, apart from the personal predictions. It is called Mundane Astrology.

The Ancient sages including Garg, Parasar and astroscientist Barahamihir have described in detail about the earthquake.

According to their study, earthquake can happen in the following conditions;

1) Earthquake is felt more near the Solar eclipses. If the eclipse is in the movable sign, the sages say, there will be earthquake within four months. If the eclipse is in  the dual sign, there will be earthquake within two months. If the ellipses is in the fixed sign, there will be earthquake within one month. The epicenter of the earthquake will be at the places from where eclipse can be observed.

2) Earthquakes usually follow an eclipse, especially in those parts where the luminary is at the zenith at the time of eclipse

3) The adverse relation of Saturn and Mars will also cause earthquake. If the Saturn or Mars is retrograde, there will be huge human casualty

4) If the Saturn and Moon is in trine or sextile mode, there will be earthquake.

5) If the Saturn and Mars will transit through earthy sign, then also there is strong possibility of earthquake.

6) If the chart of Sun ingress shows evil connection with 8th and 4th house, there is high possibility of earthquake.

These formula have been time tested and ancient. If we go by the past earthquakes, all of the above conditions have caused the earthquakes.